We offer the following services for the Microsoft SharePoint platform. For more information please contact us.

Advice / Consultancy

  • Migration scan; a special scan that is designed to support organizations with planning an upgrade from SharePoint 2003 or SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. The result consists of a projectplan for performing the migration.
  • Quick scan; this scan is designed for organizations that are planning to implement a SharePoint solution. The result consists of a projectplan with a clear definition of the scope, high level requirements and best approach.
  • Inspriation workshop; a custom-fit workshop for organizations that want to know how they can profit from SharePoint as een intranet or internet platform.
  • Second opinion; for organizations that are using SharePoint we offer a second opion to investigate possible improvements within different areas, like persormance, maintainability, functional design, usability, etc. The result consists of an improvement plan.

Implementation project

Productif has a lot of experience with performing complete SharePoint projects for the implementation of Internet, Extranet and Intranet solutions. With this we work closely with the business projectmanager and future users of the customer organization.

Our basic project approach consists of five phases:

  • Quick-scan
  • Design & prototyping (both functional and technical)
  • Realisation
  • Roll-out & after-care (incl. training)
  • Maintenance & support

We always work at high quality standards to ensure a long term customer relationship.

Maintenance & support

Beside maintenance and support for the SharePoint platforms we implement ourself, we are also able to take care of maintenance and support of existing SharePoint platforms. In this case we first do an intake / quick scan of the functional and technical implementation of the existing SharePoint platform.

Our maintenance and support is transparent and is comprised of two ingredients:

  • A fixed-price Service Level Aggreement (SLA)
  • A ticket system for system changes